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Name: Oil Field Drilling Tools Type SX Wedge Buttons

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Oil Field Drilling Tools Type SX Wedge Buttons:




1.Good wear resistance, long life span
2.Tungsten carbide wedge buttons
3.Various standard types & grades
4.Good price






Oil Field Drilling Tools Type SX Wedge Buttons:


          Oil Field Drilling Tools Type CE Wedge Buttons











We mainly operate “Diamond” and “Jingxin” brand cemented carbide welding blades, mechanically-clamped blades, CNC blades and cutters, wortles, cold-heading dies, mining alloy, saw blades, woodworking blades, disc milling cutters, solid carbide milling cutters, cemented carbide boards, cemented carbide bars, cemented carbide dies, special-shaped cemented carbide powder, mining tools, intensive processing dies, down-the-hole drills, drill bits, anchor drills, diamond blades and drills, supporting machine tools, wires and cables, and so on.


Your special design is also welcomed here.If you are interested in our goods, please don't hesitate to contact me for further information.

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Website: http://www.jx-carbide.com/

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